Preparations for Listing Agents

Provide a Properly Equipped and Located Lockbox
All lockboxes are to be placed in the cabinet in the Cyber Cafe area within the Concierge Lobby (if you need assistance locating the correct cabinet, the concierge on duty will be glad to assist you).
Lockboxes are to be labeled with the unit number and the listing agent’s contact information.
Lockboxes should contain a condo key and key fob.  
** Concierge staff members are not responsible for providing keys or key fobs for showing condos.
Provide Proper Showing Instructions in MLS
Showing instructions should contain explicit instructions for finding the lockbox, condo, storage space (if applicable) and parking space.  While the staff is glad to help if there is difficulty navigating the property, staffing is limited and current residents are their first priority.  Thorough showing instructions will likely provide clients with a smooth viewing experience.
Collect Essential Documentation
Items you will need:
  1. Governing Documents (Declaration and Bylaws)
  2. Budget
  3. Master Insurance Policy Information
  4. Condo Questionnaire and Ownership Transfer/Closing Information:
  5. Floor Plans
  6. Community Policies
  7. Fifth and Poplar Resident Handbook “Welcome Home”
  8. Fitness Center Liability Waiver
  9. Resident Update Form
  10. Moving Application
  11. Construction Application (If applicable)
  12. Bicycle Registration
  13. Pet Registration
  14. Resident Handbook Acknowledgement of Policies
Understand the Move-In/Out Process
  1. Moving is scheduled with concierge (14 days prior to moving).
  2. Moving is only allowed Monday though Friday between 9am to 9pm.
  3. A deposit of $250 is required for moving.  The deposit will be returned once the property is inspected by the concierge for damage that could occur during moving.
Collect Keys and Access Devices
Locate condo, mailbox and storage keys; key fobs, garage door openers, and parking decals.  Make sure to provide them to the new resident prior to their moving into the property.
Locate Storage and Parking Space Information for Unit
Locate parking and storage units and provide directions to them in showing instructions.  Here are the documents needed to find them:

Parking Garage Map
Parking Garage Space/Unit Assignment
Storage Space/Unit Assignment

There is only one parking space per condo unless a condo was originally two separate units combined into one living space.  To understand parking at Fifth and Poplar and for extra parking resources, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with this document:

Parking Brochure
Create a Closing Packet
Provide new resident with:
  1. Keys, access devices, and parking decals
  2. Items above in the “Collect Essential Documentation” section above or inform them of where they can find it at   The concierge has hardcopies of forms and “Welcome Home” as well.
Collect Your Lockbox
Please remove your lockbox from the designated area prior to or shortly after closing.  Don’t forget to pass keys within the lockbox onto the new resident.  
**Lockboxes remaining 30 days or more after the sale will be discarded.

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