Preparations for Buyers Agents

Preparations for Buyers Agents
Do Your Homework

1  Spend time on to see if Fifth & Poplar is right for your client. Considerations should include:

  • location
  • amount of living space
  • proximity to neighbors
  • community association living
  • pets
  • available parking space

2  Create a tour route.

3  Familiarize yourself with items under the ‘Living Here’ tab and important community documents.

Educate Your Client

In addition to showing your client the property: 

  • 1 Make sure that they understand community association living.
  • 2 Make sure they know exactly what they are buying physically. Is the parking space big enough for their car? Is there enough storage available?
  • 3 Share the Essential Documents with your client.
Show the Property
  • 1 Show all of the amenities.
  • 2 Show the client parking and storage spaces that are deeded to the condo.
  • 3 Show the client the basics: loading dock, freight elevator, closest staircase to the prospective condo, closest garbage room, etc.
Facilitate an Efficient Underwriting and Closing Process

This site is used for the following:

  • 1 Condo questionnaires, master insurance policies, and declaration and bylaws for lenders
  • 2 Initiating the HOA’s ownership transfer process
  • 3 Providing closing attorney with account balances and payoff address
Get Your Client in the Door
  • 1 Collect listing agent’s closing packet or create your own.
  • 2 Have client carefully review and fully complete and return all essential documents. The concierge or management have them available onsite and are glad to assist with this.
  • 3 Have your client obtain proper insurance for the condo. There is coverage under the association’s master policy; however, owners are required to have additional coverage (see declaration). Have Fifth & Poplar Condominiums listed as an additional insured so that the insurance company will provide proof of coverage automatically at renewal.
  • 4 Once coverage is bound, submit proof of coverage to property management.
  • 5 If your client is leasing, provide a copy of the lease to property management.
  • 6 Schedule move-in date with the concierge. Remember that moving is restricted to weekdays.
  • 7 Provide a working key to the condo to building management for emergencies.
  • 8 Have your client register on the building’s internal website: The site is also accessible from
  • 9 Make sure all access devices are given to the new resident. Those devices MUST be listed on the resident update form or they will be deactivated.
  • 10 Make sure resident is fully aware of parking rules and regulations (see parking brochure). Vehicles must be registered, have a proper decal, parked in the proper space on the proper floor.